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You Can Fight OWI Charges In Michigan

The stress that gripped you when the red and blue flashing lights appeared in your rearview mirror is not going away. Perhaps it has gotten worse following your arrest for operating while intoxicated (OWI). Now you are overwhelmed with the many ways this could affect your life.

What Can An OWI Conviction Cost You?

The expense of an OWI conviction can go well beyond the fines and costs levied by the court. If you are convicted, you may incur the following penalties:

  • An assessment of driver responsibility fees from the state
  • The Secretary of State adds points to your driving record
  • Your insurance rates can skyrocket
  • Negative effects on your professional license and your ability to maintain employment

Thankfully, you can fight OWI charges and possibly prevent or minimize these penalties with the help of an experienced OWI defense lawyer.

At the Ann Arbor law firm of Dawid Law, our criminal defense attorney has more than 20 years of experience with criminal law and drunk driving charges in Michigan. It doesn’t matter what you call it, OWI, OUI, DUI or DWI, we will help defend you.

How We Will Help Defend You From Drunk Driving Charges

Some people think that there is no way to defend against OWI charges if they blew over the legal limit. That is not correct. Breath tests are not foolproof. The testing devices used by law enforcement must be carefully maintained, accurately calibrated and properly used.

When our lawyers handle your case, we will carefully review the breath test to determine whether any missteps were made on the part of the arresting officer. If there were, we may be able to have evidence thrown out or get your case dismissed altogether.

Examining breath test results and testing processes is just one example of the defense strategies we may use in drunk driving cases. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can look at your case specifically and determine the defense strategy that makes the most sense based on your situation.

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